My Journey in Christian Messianism and Why I Rejected It

My Journey in Christian MessianismChristian Messianism is a term which I define as referring to those Christianities which identify with the Christian Messiah, Jesus or Yeshua.  This identification also includes groups such as Messianic Judaism, Hebraic Restoration, Hebrew Roots, Sacred Namers and the Two-House Movement referred to as Ephramites.  For many years I was actively involved with many segments of this movement and identified with their core beliefs.  Through my studies and reasearch, however, I came to a watershed moment where I could no longer sustain any belief in the reliability or authenticity of the New Testament document currently touted as Christian Scripture.  My background in Jewish history, Church history, 2nd Temple Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls and my love of the Hebrew language gave me a unique perspective on the tumultuous period of the 1st century in relation to the nationalist movements, including the Nazarenes and the break away sect of Pauline Christianity.  The following article document my spiritual journey out of Christian Messianism

Dont Confuse Me with the Facts Please, Part 1

Dont Confuse Me with the Facts Please, Part 2


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