Iran’s Upcoming Propaganda Film – “The Coming is Near”

The Islāmic Republic of Iran is about to release a film, The Coming is Near,

proclaiming the imminent arrival of the 12th Imam, the Islāmic End Times leader who will lead the Muslim armies in the battles and wars of the Last Days.  The movie most certainly will continue to stoke the fires of Islāmic revolt and revolution and increase terror worldwide. Reza Khalili (not his real name), a former member of the Revolutionary Guard who worked as a double agent for the CIA confirms this and can be seen on the CBN video here (The Coming is Near).  The video is going to target Muslim audiences through out the Middle East and the world.  The message of the video is that, according to Islāmic belief, Iran is to arise as a world power to fight the enemies of Allah – The United States and Israel – and to usher in the reign of the Imam Mahdi.  As many of you know the current leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader- Ayatollah Khameni believe that time is approaching fast and may even be here.

Army of the black FlagsIran has meddled in the affairs of many of the countries in the Middle East that are currently experiencing violent protests and uprisings and it the release of the film is a tactical move to further incite the Muslim hordes to throw off the shackles of corrupt governments that are being propped up by western powers, money and influence.  The Shiite led  Islāmic Republic of Iran is on the fast track to develop nuclear weapons and has terror cells and groups throughout the world including Hezbollah, which for all intents and purposes is now calling the shots in Lebanon.  With the unrest in the Middle East accelerating and the push to declare a Palestinian State at the United Nations General Assembly in September of this year, the noose around Israel’s neck is getting tighter.  With a hell-bent Iranian led Islāmic Caliphate that is fast becoming a possibility, Israel may be forced to act or be destroyed.  The Book of Daniel prophesies of a world war between the Christian West and Islam.  The day may be fast approaching that was foretold in Isaiah:

“Behold, Damascus shall cease to be a city, It shall become a heap of ruins.”  Isaiah 17:1

Stay tuned for updates of when the Coming is Near will be released


~ by healthzombie on March 29, 2011.

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