Palestinian Barbarism Update

The terrorist attack committed against the Fogel family and the Jewish community at Itamar in Samaria Israel is probably one of the most heinous terror acts committed against Jews in some time.  But we only need to remember our history to realize that the Palestinians excel at killing Jewish children, having murdered at least 123 in acts of terror since 2000.  THE KOTELToday Palestinians are passing out candy to celebrate and Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, refuses to condemn the murders.  The western mainstream leftwing media is actually blaming the people of Itamar for their own murders, which is par for the media who have a deep-seated hatred of Israel.  The New York Times reported that the proximity of the Jewish ‘settlement’ to the Palestinian town of Awarta caused the incident:

“The killers appeared to have randomly picked the house, one of a neat row of identical one-story homes at the edge of the settlement, on a rocky incline overlooking the nearby Palestinian village of Awarta — the proximity underlining the visceral nature of the contest in this area between Jewish settlers and Palestinians over the land.”

It is shameful and a crime against humanity to support known terrorist organization such as the PA Fatah faction who is responsible for the murders at Itamar according to sources in Israel, and both the media and the United States government are in bed with the PA.  It is also a crime to suggest that because there was a Jewish settlement, the blame for the murders lie at the feet of the town of Itamar, as the New York Times clearly is suggesting.

David Horowitz, conservative commentator and author of many books on the Middle East and Israel and the Front Page Mag website stated that, “No people have shown themselves as so morally sick as the Palestinians.”  He also noted that “In the history of humanity, there was never a people who strapped bombs on their bodies and killed innocent people.  No other people has sunk so low as the Palestinians, and everyone is afraid to say it.”  Horowitz, himself was one a left-wing academic, educated at Columbia University and part of the New Proposed Palestinian StateLeft in the 1960’s.

In regard to the Palestinian claims to the Land of Israel, it is common knowledge that historically the name Palestinian always refered to the Jewish people.  There never was a Palestinian nation in the land of Israel since the days of the Roman conquest.  There most certainly was not a Palestine in 1946.  The wars against the Jews started in the guise of Pan-Arab nationalism and the Palestinian Liberation Organization was created by the KGB.  Arafat was advised that the best way to succeed is to play the role of the victim and claim that the only thing they want is their land back which Israel is supposedly occupying.  Israel since the days of the Roman occupation has never given up their rights to the land that HaShem gave them in covenant over 3400 years ago.  During the Jewish Peoples long captivity in the nations of the world, the land of Israel languished and was a desolation.  The few Arabs that actually occupied the land did nothing to cultivate it and only when the Jewish people began returning to the Land of Israel did it again begin to blossom.

One only need to travel to Israel to experience the Palestinian culture of death.  Every Palestinian town I was ever in was  dreary and grey.  Palestinians do not typically plant many trees or flowers.  But if you travel to the so-called Jewish settlements, they are full of life.  Jews love to plants trees, bushes and flowers.  The difference between the two are as night and day.  It will be a sad day indeed when Israel bends to the pressure of the Jew hating media and Western Governments and allows a Palestinian state to exist.  If this state ever comes into existence, that will be the end of the state of Israel.

~ by healthzombie on March 14, 2011.

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