Honor Killings – A Gallery of Horror

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Honor KillingAnother young woman  tortured and murdered  to add to the gruesome gallery….. The horror of these young girls terror stricken victims, who live in homemade concentration camps is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence –  the urbane  face of bloodthirsty savagery. The West looks away and more girls lead desperate, brutal lives. The “Feminists” look away and pretend it is outside the realm of women’s rights  leftists tools of Islāmic jihad..  These useful idiots  are on someone’s payroll or they fear Islam. Either way, get out of the way.  Shame on all of you for failing our women, our children, our girls, our very way of life. How dare they throw our superior culture with both hands.

See Sarah Geller’s Webpage with pictures of the victims here  Gallery of Horror

Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas  Shrugs.com, bringing you the news you will not hear from the mainstream  media, providing  original reportage,  covering little-reported events of great  import, and giving  an unblinkingly honest examination of global affairs. She is  also the executive director of Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)/Stop  Islamization of America (SIOA), and is a regular columnist for Andrew  Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Journalism, the  American Thinker, and other publications.

Pamela Geller is the author of the book The  Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America with Robert Spencer (foreword by Ambassador John Bolton), published by Simon &  Schuster.

‘Son of Hamas’ Pronounced as a Fraud by Walid Shoebat

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Son of Hamas unvieled as fraudMosab Hasan Yousef, supposed ex-Hamas terrorist, was called a fraud by former Palestinian terrorist Walid Shoebat.  Shoebat rejected Islam and terrorism a number of years ago and became a Christian and has his own ministry organization – The Walid Shoebat Foundation  where he teaches Bible prophecy and keeps abreast of Islamic and Arab developments and follows the Arabic speaking media outlets to monitor what they are saying.

Yousef became a celebrity when he wrote his book, ‘SON OF HAMAS’ which detailed how he assisted Israeli agents against Hamas. As the son of a high-ranking Hamas official, he had access to real-time information that helped the Shin Bet nab numerous wanted terrorists and saved many Israeli lives. Shoebat – a noted author and commentator on the Middle East – claims in an article on hs website –  that Yousef “has since revealed himself to be more double agent than turncoat.”  “Mosab did not convert to what the West would recognize as Christianity, but to a fiery, Palestinian brand of the faith that is vehemently anti-Israel,” he writes.

Read the entire article on Arutz Sheva


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despised and rejected

The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan. 15, 2008. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the rest of Europe – and possibly to the rest of the world.

Date: Tue. 15 January 2008 14:30


I walked down the street in Barcelona , and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz .. We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.

And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.

Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.

We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe …

The Global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000; that is ONE BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION or 20% of the world’s population. They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

1988 – Najib Mahfooz

1978 – Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
1990 – Elias James Corey
1994 – Yaser Arafat:
1999 – Ahmed Zewai



1960 – Peter Brian Medawar
1998 – Ferid Mourad


The Global Jewish population is approximately 14,000,000; that is FOURTEEN MILLION or about 0.02% of the world’s population. They have received the following Nobel Prizes:

1910 – Paul Heyse
1927 – Henri Bergson
1958 – Boris Pasternak
1966 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 – Nelly Sachs
1976 – Saul Bellow
1978 – Isaac Bashevis Singer
1981 – Elias Canetti
1987 – Joseph Brodsky
1991 – Nadine Gordimer World

1911 – Alfred Fried
1911 – Tobias Michael Carel Asser
1968 – Rene Cassin
1973 – Henry Kissinger
1978 – Menachem Begin
1986 – Elie Wiesel
1994 – Shimon Peres
1994 – Yitzhak Rabin

1905 – Adolph Von Baeyer
1906 – Henri Moissan
1907 – Albert Abraham Michelson
1908 – Gabriel Lippmann
1910 – Otto Wallach
1915 – Richard Willstaetter
1918 – Fritz Haber
1921 – Albert Einstein
1922 – Niels Bohr
1925 – James Franck
1925 – Gustav Hertz
1943 – Gustav Stern
1943 – George Charles de Hevesy
1944 – Isidor Issac Rabi
1952 – Felix Bloch
1954 – Max Born
1958 – Igor Tamm
1959 – Emilio Segre
1960 – Donald A. Glaser
1961 – Robert Hofstadter
1961 – Melvin Calvin
1962 – Lev Davidovich Landau
1962 – Max Ferdinand Perutz
1965 – Richard Phillips Feynman
1965 – Julian Schwinger
1969 – Murray Gell-Mann
1971 – Dennis Gabor
1972 – William Howard Stein
1973 – Brian David Josephson
1975 – Benjamin Mottleson
1976 – Burton Richter
1977 – Ilya Prigogine
1978 – Arno Allan Penzias
1978 – Peter L Kapitza
1979 – Stephen Weinberg
1979 – Sheldon Glashow
1979 – Herbert Charles Brown
1980 – Paul Berg
1980 – Walter Gilbert
1981 – Roald Hoffmann
1982 – Aaron Klug
1985 – Albert A. Hauptman
1985 – Jerome Karle
1986 – Dudley R. Herschbach
1988 – Robert Huber
1988 – Leon Lederman
1988 – Melvin Schwartz
1988 – Jack Steinberger
1989 – Sidney Altman
1990 – Jerome Friedman
1992 – Rudolph Marcus
1995 – Martin Perl
2000 – Alan J. Heeger

1970 – Paul Anthony Samuelson
1971 – Simon Kuznets
1972 – Kenneth Joseph Arrow
1975 – Leonid Kantorovich
1976 – Milton Friedman
1978 – Herbert A. Simon
1980 – Lawrence Robert Klein
1985 – Franco Modigliani
1987 – Robert M. Solow
1990 – Harry Markowitz
1990 – Merton Miller
1992 – Gary Becker
1993 – Robert Fogel

1908 – Elie Metchnikoff
1908 – Paul Erlich
1914 – Robert Barany
1922 – Otto Meyerhof
1930 – Karl Landsteiner
1931 – Otto Warburg
1936 – Otto Loewi
1944 – Joseph Erlanger
1944 – Herbert Spencer Gasser
1945 – Ernst Boris Chain
1946 – Hermann Joseph Muller
1950 – Tadeus Reichstein
1952 – Selman Abraham Waksman
1953 – Hans Krebs
1953 – Fritz Albert Lipmann
1958 – Joshua Lederberg
1959 – Arthur Kornberg
1964 – Konrad Bloch
1965 – Francois Jacob
1965 – Andre Lwoff
1967 – George Wald
1968 – Marshall W. Nirenberg
1969 – Salvador Luria
1970 – Julius Axelrod
1970 – Sir Bernard Katz
1972 – Gerald Maurice Edelman
1975 – Howard Martin Temin
1976 – Baruch S. Blumberg
1977 – Roselyn Sussman Yalow
1978 – Daniel Nathans
1980 – Baruj Benacerraf
1984 – Cesar Milstein
1985 – Michael Stuart Brown
1985 – Joseph L. Goldstein
1986 – Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini]
1988 – Gertrude Elion
1989 – Harold Varmus
1991 – Erwin Neher
1991 – Bert Sakmann
1993 – Richard J. Roberts
1993 – Phillip Sharp
1994 – Alfred Gilman
1995 – Edward B. Lewis
1996- Lu RoseIacovino
TOTAL: 129!

The Jews are NOT promoting brain washing children in military training camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths of Jews and other non Muslims. The Jews don’t hijack planes, nor kill athletes at the Olympics, or blow themselves up in German restaurants. There is NOT one single Jew who has destroyed a church. There is NOT a single Jew who protests by killing people.

The Jews don’t traffic slaves, nor have leaders calling for Jihad and death to all the Infidels.

Perhaps the world’s Muslims should consider investing more in standard education and less in blaming the Jews for all their problems.

Muslims must ask ‘what can they do for humankind’ before they demand that humankind respects them.

Regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, even if you believe there is more culpability on Israel ‘s part, the following two
sentences really say it all:

‘If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel .” Benjamin Netanyahu

General Eisenhower Warned Us It is a matter of history that when the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead.

He did this because he said in words to this effect:

‘Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened’

Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it ‘offends’ the Muslim population which claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving into it.

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the, 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1,900 Catholic priests who were ‘murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten, experimented on and humiliated’ while the German people looked the other way.

Now, more than ever, with Iran , among others, claiming the Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Center ‘NEVER HAPPENED’ because it offends some Muslim in the United States ?

Do not just delete this message; it will take only a minute to pass this along.

Iran’s Upcoming Propaganda Film – “The Coming is Near”

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The Islāmic Republic of Iran is about to release a film, The Coming is Near,

proclaiming the imminent arrival of the 12th Imam, the Islāmic End Times leader who will lead the Muslim armies in the battles and wars of the Last Days.  The movie most certainly will continue to stoke the fires of Islāmic revolt and revolution and increase terror worldwide. Reza Khalili (not his real name), a former member of the Revolutionary Guard who worked as a double agent for the CIA confirms this and can be seen on the CBN video here (The Coming is Near).  The video is going to target Muslim audiences through out the Middle East and the world.  The message of the video is that, according to Islāmic belief, Iran is to arise as a world power to fight the enemies of Allah – The United States and Israel – and to usher in the reign of the Imam Mahdi.  As many of you know the current leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader- Ayatollah Khameni believe that time is approaching fast and may even be here.

Army of the black FlagsIran has meddled in the affairs of many of the countries in the Middle East that are currently experiencing violent protests and uprisings and it the release of the film is a tactical move to further incite the Muslim hordes to throw off the shackles of corrupt governments that are being propped up by western powers, money and influence.  The Shiite led  Islāmic Republic of Iran is on the fast track to develop nuclear weapons and has terror cells and groups throughout the world including Hezbollah, which for all intents and purposes is now calling the shots in Lebanon.  With the unrest in the Middle East accelerating and the push to declare a Palestinian State at the United Nations General Assembly in September of this year, the noose around Israel’s neck is getting tighter.  With a hell-bent Iranian led Islāmic Caliphate that is fast becoming a possibility, Israel may be forced to act or be destroyed.  The Book of Daniel prophesies of a world war between the Christian West and Islam.  The day may be fast approaching that was foretold in Isaiah:

“Behold, Damascus shall cease to be a city, It shall become a heap of ruins.”  Isaiah 17:1

Stay tuned for updates of when the Coming is Near will be released


Judaism’s Moral Dilemma

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I need to set the table correctly on this topic so as not to be accused of anti-Judaism.  I am a long time lover of the Torah.  I have studied it and much of Judaism’s inspiring and beautiful

literature for about 20 years now.  I fell in love with the Jewish culture and it’s people.  Many years ago I began my journey to uncover the truth about God.  I started my trek in Christian Messianism but present myself to you today as a confirmed believer in the Jewish Destiny and Torah Judaism.  I have long jettisoned the idolatry of Christianity and embraced Judaism as my own.  But I should clarify some.  I and my wife have embraced  authentic Torah tradition.  This authentic stream of Judaism  taught by the Rambam and other Torah giants of centuries past reminds us that the subdued response to the Itamar incident is an affront to authentic Judaism.   But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Killed by Amalek

A few days ago in Itamar, a horrendous crime, committed by Palestinian criminals, shocked many in the world.   Some, those who support Israel’s enemies, blamed the murders on the residents of Itamar, basically saying , if they had not built their town there, they would have not been murdered.  This is not new or uncommon, but is the reaction of the Left, who have a deep seated hatred of Israel and  little or no moral compass to speak of, and in the scheme of things are of no lasting consequence.  Those from the quarter that should have been more vocal, the Israelis, was remarkably subdued, an almost surreal silence or at best a murmur.   That in itself is horrendous crime.  Is Israel in such a battle fatigue and burnout that the normal HUMAN response to this crime against humanity cannot be uttered?   Are the echoes of the Holocaust whispering in the ears of my fellow Jews and Israelis?  Are they willing to be slaughtered like sheep once again?  While certainly a case for identifying the Suffering Servant of Isaiah  as the people of Israel can be made in regard to the plight of the Jewish people during the long exile after the Great War, that is far different from the victim mentality that is becoming more and more obvious.

Israel has made many justifications for its lack of response over the years.  Quips such as we are above it all,  we are a people of prayer study and acedemia, we are a civilized nation, we are not going to stoop so low as to respond in kind to baseless violence.   Which to me is a whole lotta hooey.  The Itamar murders are an assault on decency and morality.  If it had happened to the Palestinians there would be riots.  If it would have happened anywhere else in the world, there would have been riots, protests and even violent confrontations.   These  types of reactions are NATURAL and even Normal.  I’m not promoting senseless violence, but where is the sense of betrayal and righteous indignation?  Do you think a King David or the Jews of his day would have allowed such an affront?  Absolutely not!  The Israeli government’s immediate response to the murders was to announce government approval of 500 homes in Yesha.  Are you kidding me?   Because the Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered our fellow Jews, the government is going to allow the Jewish people to built more homes on land that is by all rights ours in the first place.

Traditional Judaism is much to blame for the subdued almost non-responsive reaction. It is unfortunate that Judaism’s learned scholars has forgotten some of its own history and even some of the most important principles of the Torah.  The ancient Israelite were a proud people.  While they were not prone to senseless violence, they did not back down from a legitimate fight.  Even King David, renowned as a singer and psalmist, a man of deep inner reflection and thought, was a mighty warrior-king when the situation called for it.  Ancient Israel was a mighty warrior nation once and would have never allowed the Itamar incident to go unanswered.   Judaism spends far too much time with its nose in the books, running after various mystical teachings instead of promoting a healthy Torah based moral clarity on these important matters.  And those rabbi’s and leaders who do speak out are silenced by the Erev Rav Edomite Israeli Government.  The only ones who are actually stopping terrorist attacks are often the observant Torah observant Jew, sometimes only using sticks and rocks to repel a terrorist attack.

The Rambam -(Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon) tells us:The Rambam

“This is why our kingdom was lost and our Temple was destroyed and why we were brought to this; for our fathers sinned and are no more because they found many books dealing with these themes of the star gazers, these things being the root of idolatry, as we have made clear in Laws Concerning Idolatry. They erred and were drawn after them, imagining them to be glorious science and to be of great utility. They did not busy themselves with the art of war or with the conquest of lands, but imagined that those studies would help them. Therefore the prophets called them “fools and dolts” (Jer. 4:22). And truly fools they were, “for they walked after confused things that do not profit” (I Sam. 12:21 and Jer. 2:8).

(RaMBaM, Epistle to the Sages of Marseilles, France)

The Torah commanded that Israel give justice to the orphans and the widows.  Since 2000, when this intifada began, over 123 children have been murdered by Palestinians.  Where is their justice?  Their killers are sometimes jailed, but often released later on, traded for captive Israeli soldiers.  HaShem is very concerned for those who are weaker and cannot defend themselves, such as children and the elderly.  Israel’s eternal enemy the Amalekites loved to hurt and kill the weaker parts of society.  Israel was commanded by HaShem to never forget what Amalek did to the Israelites:

Then HaShem said to Moshe, “Inscribe this in a document as a reminder, and read it aloud to Joshua: I will utterly blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven!”  And Moshe built an altar and named it Adonai-Nissi.  He said, “It means, ‘Hand upon the throne of HaShem!’ HaShem will be at war with Amalek throughout the ages. (Exodus 17:14-16)

The Amalekites were the first to come in contact with the Israelites, opposing their march at Rephidim, not far from Sinai.  The Amalekites displayed their cowardice and blood lust, much in the same way that the modern-day Palestinians do:

“Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt – how undeterred by the fear of God, he surprised you on the march, when you were famished and weary, and cut down all the stragglers in your rear.  Therefore, when HaShem your God, grants you safety from all your enemies around you in the land that HaShem your God is giving you as an inheritance, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under Heaven.  Do not Forget! (Deuteronomy 25:17-19)

Torah Judaism, Scholar and WarriorSadly, we as a people have lost our way and have allowed political expediency and compromise to dictate to us what is morally acceptable.  As Rambam stated we did not busy ourselves with the art of war.  We did not deem it worthy to take on our sacred duty to learn how to wage war against our enemies, and our enemies know it.   We are in a bad place and getting worse everyday.  Many of the religious leaders tell us we must wait for the Messiah and he will take care of it all.   BALDERDASH!   The prophecies of the last Days portray our people both from the House of Judah and the returned 10 tribes as a nation of warriors, fighting the enemies of God.  This transformation takes place prior to the Mashiach’s return.  We can no longer afford to listen to morally bankrupt advice from leaders who have a broken moral compass and who engage in compromise that is detrimental to the Jewish people.  The righteous morality of the Torah would have us as a people who react in righteous indignation and take immediate action to the Amalekite tactics of the Palestinian Authority and it’s killers.  To do less is sin against Heaven itself.  But Israel fears how the nations view them and so react in a cowardly fashion.  A people who refuses to stand up for itself is a people who is undeserving of freedom and nationhood.  Israel is called to be a light to the nations, not a flickering candle in the wind.

Signed,  HealthZombie

Palestinian Barbarism Update

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The terrorist attack committed against the Fogel family and the Jewish community at Itamar in Samaria Israel is probably one of the most heinous terror acts committed against Jews in some time.  But we only need to remember our history to realize that the Palestinians excel at killing Jewish children, having murdered at least 123 in acts of terror since 2000.  THE KOTELToday Palestinians are passing out candy to celebrate and Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, refuses to condemn the murders.  The western mainstream leftwing media is actually blaming the people of Itamar for their own murders, which is par for the media who have a deep-seated hatred of Israel.  The New York Times reported that the proximity of the Jewish ‘settlement’ to the Palestinian town of Awarta caused the incident:

“The killers appeared to have randomly picked the house, one of a neat row of identical one-story homes at the edge of the settlement, on a rocky incline overlooking the nearby Palestinian village of Awarta — the proximity underlining the visceral nature of the contest in this area between Jewish settlers and Palestinians over the land.”

It is shameful and a crime against humanity to support known terrorist organization such as the PA Fatah faction who is responsible for the murders at Itamar according to sources in Israel, and both the media and the United States government are in bed with the PA.  It is also a crime to suggest that because there was a Jewish settlement, the blame for the murders lie at the feet of the town of Itamar, as the New York Times clearly is suggesting.

David Horowitz, conservative commentator and author of many books on the Middle East and Israel and the Front Page Mag website stated that, “No people have shown themselves as so morally sick as the Palestinians.”  He also noted that “In the history of humanity, there was never a people who strapped bombs on their bodies and killed innocent people.  No other people has sunk so low as the Palestinians, and everyone is afraid to say it.”  Horowitz, himself was one a left-wing academic, educated at Columbia University and part of the New Proposed Palestinian StateLeft in the 1960’s.

In regard to the Palestinian claims to the Land of Israel, it is common knowledge that historically the name Palestinian always refered to the Jewish people.  There never was a Palestinian nation in the land of Israel since the days of the Roman conquest.  There most certainly was not a Palestine in 1946.  The wars against the Jews started in the guise of Pan-Arab nationalism and the Palestinian Liberation Organization was created by the KGB.  Arafat was advised that the best way to succeed is to play the role of the victim and claim that the only thing they want is their land back which Israel is supposedly occupying.  Israel since the days of the Roman occupation has never given up their rights to the land that HaShem gave them in covenant over 3400 years ago.  During the Jewish Peoples long captivity in the nations of the world, the land of Israel languished and was a desolation.  The few Arabs that actually occupied the land did nothing to cultivate it and only when the Jewish people began returning to the Land of Israel did it again begin to blossom.

One only need to travel to Israel to experience the Palestinian culture of death.  Every Palestinian town I was ever in was  dreary and grey.  Palestinians do not typically plant many trees or flowers.  But if you travel to the so-called Jewish settlements, they are full of life.  Jews love to plants trees, bushes and flowers.  The difference between the two are as night and day.  It will be a sad day indeed when Israel bends to the pressure of the Jew hating media and Western Governments and allows a Palestinian state to exist.  If this state ever comes into existence, that will be the end of the state of Israel.

Sociopath Terror in Samaria

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This past Friday, March 11, 2011, Arab terrorists entered the home of Rabbi Fogel in Itamar, Israel and murdered him, his wife, his 11-year-old son, his 3-year-old son and a 3 month old baby.  The 3-year-old son was brutally stabbed in the heart and the throat of the 3 month old infant was slashed.  Photo of the brutal killings are available on Arutz Sheva.  The photo’s have been released by the family to report the horror of killing innocent children simply because they were Jewish.  The terrorist were from the Fatah Freedom Fighters.  About 20 Arabs have been arrested up to now.  The IDF investigation of the attack has discovered that at 20:59,  terrorists entered the community. They jumped over the fence and an alert sounded. The guard oHATE CRIMES AGAINST JEWSn duty went to the spot from which the warning was heard, but saw no evidence of infiltration and therefore, made the erroneous decision that an animal had activated the electronic fence’s warning signal.  Between 22:20 and 22:30 the terrorists entered the house through the living room picture window, did not notice the 6-year-old boy sleeping on the couch and continued on to the bedroom where they slashed the throats of the father and newborn baby who were sleeping there. The mother came out of the bathroom and was stabbed on its threshold.  They then slashed the throat of the 11-year old-son who was reading in bed. They did not notice the 2-year old asleep in his bed, but murdered the 3-year old with two stabs to his heart. After that, they locked the door, exited through the window and escaped.  The only survivors were a 12-year-old girl, who returned from a Bnei Akiva youth group event to discover her parents and three of her brothers and sisters,including a three-month old baby girl, dead in pools of blood, and two younger brothers, who were sleeping a separate room.

In a statement to the media, the terrorist cell of the Fatah faction headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the attack was a “heroic operation, part of the natural response to the massacres of the fascist occupation against our people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”  Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel would file a complaint with the United Nations. “Israel is expecting to hear a strong condemnation from all democratic states which in the name of human rights hurry to denounce every caravan movement in Judea and Samaria but as of last night have yet to condemn the heinous murder of an entire family, including a three-month-old baby,” he stated.

HOLOCAUST MUSEUMIt numbs the mind that the majority of the targets were children.   Anyone that can murder children in their sleep is not human but a vicious monster that should be put down as one puts down a rabid dog.  Slashing the throat of a 3 month old child is the work of sociopaths not so-called freedom fighters.  Any religion or ideology that condone and carries out such vicious attacks on innocent children should never see the inside of a jail cell, let alone a courtroom.  These are the conditions in which Israeli’s must endure through.  The PA has so demonized the Jewish people in their schools and institutions, that many Palestinians are raised with a virulent hatred of the Jewish people.  And the media are as much to blame as well, often siding with these Islāmic extremists, giving their murderous agenda legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

If the world has any moral sense and rationality, in no way shape, form or fashion can a Palestinian State ever be allowed to exist alongside with Israel.  If that becomes a reality, what happened in Itamar yesterday will become a regular event.  Hard choices need to be made soon, regarding Islāmic extremism.  I for one have always been an advocate of striking your enemy before he has the power to destroy you.  The Arab world and the Muslim faith have basically been silent regarding condemnation of what we call terrorism.  And the silence is deafening.  There have been a few who have spoken out but they are insignificant in number.  The truth is that the Muslim world, especially the Palestinians, have so corrupted and betrayed the current and upcoming generations, that it is a guaranteed certainty that a world war will result.  Having watched the events of the Middle East in recent weeks, I’d say that possibility will come sooner than later.

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